Conference Organizers

Deborah Reed-Danahay

Dr. Reed-Danahay

Deborah Reed-Danahay is Professor of Anthropology at the University at Buffalo, where she has taught since 2008, and is founding Director of the Center for European Studies (CEUS at UB).  She has conducted research in France and in the United States, and has begun a new ethnographic project on French migrants in London.  Her current projects focus on migration, citizenship, and emplacement. She has long-standing interests in articulations between local regions, nation-states, and the European Union.  She also writes on social theory and the ethnography of personal narrative, and is completing a new book on Bourdieu and social space.  She is the author of Education and Identity in Rural France: The Politics of Schooling (Cambridge, 1996) and Locating Bourdieu (Indiana, 2005); and coauthor of Civic Engagements: The Citizenship Practices of Vietnamese and Indian Immigrants (w/Caroline B. Brettell, Stanford, 2012). She edited the collection Auto/Ethnography: Rewriting the Self and the Social (Berg, 1997) and is co-editor of Citizenship, Political Engagement, and Belonging: Immigrants in Europe and the United States (w/Caroline B. Brettell, Rutgers, 2008). Dr. Reed-Danahay sits on the Executive Committee of the Council for European Studies (2014-8). She is a former Yip Fellow (2012) of Magdalene College, University of Cambridge (UK), and currently an Associate Member of the Sophiapol Lab at the University of Paris Ouest/Nanterre La Défense. She was President of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe from 2010-12, and she is an active member in Alliance Française de Buffalo.


Sasha Pack

photo- Pack

Sasha D. Pack is Associate Professor of History at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). He specializes in modern Spain, Europe, and the Mediterranean. His book, Tourism and Dictatorship: Europe’s Peaceful Invasion of Franco’s Spain (New York, 2006), won the “Best First Book, 2004-2006” Prize from the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, and has appeared in Spanish translation under the title, La invasión pacífica (Madrid, 2009). He has published articles in The Journal of Modern History, Mediterranean Historical Review, Segle XX, and other academic journals. He is currently working on a book-length manuscript entitled, “The Deepest Border: The Strait of Gibraltar and the Ibero-African Borderlands, 1850-1970”.


Randy Schiff

photo- SchiffRandy Schiff specializes in late-medieval British literature and culture, alliterative verse, literary history, nationalism, and ecocriticism. He is the author of Revivalist Fantasy: Alliterative Verse and Nationalist History (Ohio State University Press, 2011). He has published a number of essays, such as “Unstable Kinship: Trojanness, Treason, and Community in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (College Literature, 2013), “Cross-Channel Becomings-Animal: Primal Courtliness in Guillaume de Palerne and William of Palerne” (Exemplaria, 2009), and “The Loneness of the Stalker: Poaching and Subjectivity in The Parlement of the Thre Ages” (Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 2009). He is currently co-editing an essay collection, The Politics of Ecology: Life, Land, and Law in Medieval Britain, and is working on a book-length study of wildness and territoriality in Middle English romance.